Friday, 15 June 2018

Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 14.06.2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:   FS1                                                    Week Ending: 14.06.2018
Communication and Language and Literacy
This week students have been revising the phonics, songs  and recognition of letters s a t I p n ck e h r m d g  . Children also created their own flash cards for pre-mentioned letters. Children played matching flash card games. They were able to present their letter with the Jolly Phonics song and move in front of the whole class.
Physical Development
In physical activity children have been practising the back flip.
Personal, Social and Emotional Development  
Personal Learning Goal this week has been ‘hard work and persistence'. We enjoyed games of matching the letters, numbers, shapes and colours . Students were also divided into two groups and a competition was made in letter, number , shape and colour recognition.
Understanding of the World  Around Us
The children have been learning about the importance of Ramadan in Egyptian culture and how this time can be a time for reflection.
We have been revising numbers 1-15 including counting and recognition. Matching number games , counting objects and counting all day. We even counted our steps out loud during walking in line . Shapes and colours were also revised daily.
Expressive Art and Design
 Students have been practising tapping through musical activities.
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