Thursday, 7 June 2018

Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 07.06.2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:   FS1                                                    Week Ending: 07.06.2018
Communication and Language and Literacy
This week we had fun exploring our sounds Xx,Yy,Qq,Vv,Ww,Zz,Bb,Ff,Ll,Uu,Oo. We worked on the proper formations and identification of these sounds and we also looked and thought of words beginning with these sounds.   We made flash cards to represent these sounds and we got to show and talk to our friends about what we had done.
Physical Development
With help, we continued to develop our fine motor skills; we practiced proper pencil grip while we worked on the proper formation of our numbers and letter shapes. We also worked on colouring within the lines. On the playground we ran, hopped and jumped and during P.E, Mr. Pierre taught us to practise the ‘front flip’.  
Personal, Social and Emotional Development  
‘Good manners’ was our watch word this week. We looked at ways we can show others how well- mannered we are. For example, we need to be polite to our parents, friends and teachers by using our magic words – please, thank you and excuse me, and we also know that it’s polite to greet our teachers and friends in the morning when we come in by saying ‘Good morning’. We paid particular attention to washing our hands before we eat as well as sitting nicely in cars or on the school bus when coming to school or going home. 
Understanding of the World  Around Us
We revisited forms of transportation- we looked at boats and ships and we also talked about some animals that live in water. 
This week was packed with activities which focused on numbers 1-15. We counted out objects to match the numbers. We identified the ‘number shapes’ from a group of jumbled up numbers and we even counted our steps while walking in a straight line.  We also revisited our shapes (square, triangle, rectangle, and circle) and we enjoyed looking for them in objects around us. Did you know that a tissue box is made up of rectangular faces?
Expressive Art and Design
We sang songs to go with the letter sounds we practised this week and we also had great fun making the corresponding actions with our hands and bodies! During our music lesson, Mr. Amir encouraged us to listen and pitch our voices just right so that it matched the beat/ tune of the songs we were singing.
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