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Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 31st of May 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:    FS1          Week Ending:  31st  of May  2018
Communication, Language and Literacy
Through this  week’s story , ‘ Maisie Goes to the Beach’, the children have been able to relate their personal experiences about summer holidays and link them to our summer monthly theme ( Sand/ Water) . They have been talking freely about their holidays and have learnt new words, such as: holiday, luggage, hotel, train station, conductor, beach.

The children have been learning about the  letters  X-x and  Q-q.  We practised tracing and recognition of this letter. We have also expressed their phonetic sounds and tried to help the children out by using the Jolly Phonics.
For the letter X,  they have learnt how to how to cross their fingers or arms in order to form and X.
For the letter Q , they have learnt that it looks like an O with a small tail.

The children have also been learning 2 words that start with the letter X (X-ray, xylophone) . The children have each played the xylophone in class , and they have created a fun X-ray activity.  In order to connect our knowledge to the monthly theme, we have used a fish x-ray. The children have put into zip-lock bags , along with coloured ( blue and red)  water. This has been a great multi sensory activity.

For the letter Q,  we have painted a paper quilt with Q-tips! It has turned into beautiful art work and the children loved the experience.

Physical Development

1)       Children have been using play-dough ( they have used it to form number 15 – in Maths- on laminated sheets).
2)      Children have been using paint and Q-tips
3)      Children have learnt how to open and close a zip-lock bag.
4)       During the PE lesson,  we played a game of two regions where each region should have less balls by rolling the balls to the other side. Apart from developing cooperation, this activity also improves awareness ofmore’ andfewer’; relating to our theme by using beach balls.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
1) Children have been reminded about how important it is to keep trying in order to succeed  ( resilience)
2) Hygiene - we have reminded the children that water in not only used for fun activities , but it is so important water and soap in order to keep ourselves healthy and clean !
Children have been introduced to the number 15.  They practised counting and colouring  15 caps  ( to go with our monthly theme). They also practised number formation through hands on activities (play –dough mats for number 15)

Colour (Revision).  The children have hand-painted a crab! They have used red colour for the legs and pink colour for the body.
We have also used colours blue and red for the water inside the bags of our fish  X-ray !

Shape (Octagon)
For our crab art work , we have used an octagon shaped paper, in order to form its body.
We have also created an octagon by using glue and Q-tips , so we can connect the shape of this week with the letter Q in Literacy.
Expressive Art and Design
1)       Q is for Quilt ( Q-tip painting)
2)      Sea life- CRAB  ( hand painting )

Understanding of the World

Throughout our ‘Sand and watertheme, the children have been talking about the oceans and marine life.
Last week we  tasted salty water, this week we brought the Globe in the classroom for a better understanding of how land and water is spread along the Earth. We have counted and named the oceans. The children have individually span the Globe and pointed to any blue spot they can see. The teacher named the sea or ocean they have been pointing at.

Next Week's Curriculum
  • Revision: Term 1
  • Revision numbers 1-5 ( Term 1)
  • Colours - revision
  • Shapes- revision
KUW  :
Theme:  Sand and Water ( Oceans/ Sink-float)
PSED : Resilience
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