Friday, 1 June 2018

Funny Fish Class Photos , Week ending 31st of May

Funny Fish

Circle time activities

Talking about the oceans and seas in our KUW ( Sand and water) theme

Doing a crab craft ( for our sea theme) - hand paint - revision red colour

Learning words tht start with X ( Xylophone) and we play it in class!

Garden time

Gluing a PINK  OCTAGON  for the body of the crab!
New shape 

Learning about the letter Q ( Q is for quilt)- painting with Q-tips

Number 15 on play dough mats!

Work sheet ( words that start with Q)

X is for X-ray  ( fish x-ray activity)

Our Ramadan Donations

Assembly ( learning about resilliance and team work)

Leila, we appreciate your efforts in class! You try hard to finish your activities and you try to use English all the time!

 Words that start with X and Q ( flaschards)

Name practice!

Octagons made out of Q-tips

Last donations!