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Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 24 May 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:    FS1          Week Ending:  24 May  2018
Communication, Language and Literacy
This week in Foundation, the children have been learning about the  letters  V-v and  Y-y.  We practised tracing and recognition of this letter. We have also expressed phonetic sounds .
For the letter V, the children learnt how to how it by using their pointer and middle finger.
For the letter Y, the children have been standing up and stretching  their arms up high.

The children have also been learning 4 words that start with the letter V (violin, volcano, vase, vegetables).  We have pretended playing the violin and we have revised some vegetables .
To make it even more fun, the children have observed a volcano experiment during their KUW lesson.

For the letter Y-y , the children have learnt 4 words ( yellow, yacht, yo-yo, yolk).
We have made a wonderful yacht craft and the children loved it!

The children have been working on tracing their names on personalized sheets.

The story of the week has been  Beach  ”, in order to enhance the theme of this month ( Sand and Water); connectingyacht’ in Literacy and the sea creatures and oceans in KUW.

Physical Development

1)       Children have been using play-dough (rolling  it and cutting with plastic scissors)  to develop their fine motor skills.
2)      Children have been gluing and pasting .
3)      Children used sponges with cloth tweezers for painting in order to improve their grip.
4)       During the PE lesson,  we played a game of two regions where each region should have less balls by rolling the balls to the other side. Apart from developing cooperation, this activity also improves awareness ofmore’ andfewer’; relating to our theme by using beach balls.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
1) Children have been reminded about how important it is to keep trying in order to succeed  (resilience)
2) For social development, we also discussed with the children how they should act if they are hurt or if someone is bothering them.
Children have been introduced to the number 14. They have practised counting 14 yellow yachts ( in order to connect both Maths and Literacy knowledge ).
They have practised number formation through hands on activities (play –dough mats for number 14) and also tracing with markers or pencils.

Colour (Revision).  The children have revised the colours  blue , yellow, red, green whilst creating the craft this week ( the yacht and sea creatures).

Shape (Crescent)
Each child has coloured a crescent shape and glued it onto card board for our Ramadan display. They have used glitter in order to decorate the crescents  and have explored different textures.
Expressive Art and Design
1)       The children painted a blue sea using sponges. They stuck a 3D yellow yacht and some sea animals onto their papers; creating a colourful sea craft.

2)      The children have created beautiful crescent craft that has been displayed outside the classroom.

Understanding of the World

Throughout our ‘Sand and Watertheme, the children have been talking about the oceans and marine life . They have seen a video about  bodies of water and have made a sea-life craft connecting our literacy and KUW.
We have also explored sea and oceans throughout our senses and we have been tasting salty water.
We  enhanced our knowledge about the letter V and the children participated in a science experiment  ( the Volcano). We witnessed the colourful lava coming out from the ‘sand mountain’ that was created in the garden.
Next Week's Curriculum
  • Letters  X-x and Q-q
  • Number  15
  • Colour - revision
  • Octagon shape
KUW  :
Theme:  Sand and Water ( Oceans/ Sink-float)
PSED : Resilience
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