Friday, 18 May 2018

Funny Fish Class, Week Ending 17th of May 2018

Funny Fish

Reviewing letters and learning about Egypt and the pyramids         

Recognizing our names

Since we have been tlaking about Egypt, we have coloured the Egyptian flag


Happy birthday, Dalida! You looked adorable!

Learning about the letter Ww and its formation

Learning about number 13 and its formation

Garden time!

Arabic lesson 1

Working on number 13, Ramadan laterns and letter W



Group photos !! Don't we look adorable!

Arabic lesson 2

Worksheet about the letter W

Painting watermelons ( for letter W)

Learning about the crescent shape 

Couting the days in this month

Learning words that start with the letter W

Colouring words that start with W

PE Lesson

We love our Ramadan lanterns!

Moaz's birthday party!

Yassin, you are the star of this week! Well done!

Happy birthday , dear Moaz!