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Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending:26 April 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:    FS1          Week Ending:  26April 2018
Communication, Language and Literacy
This week in FS1, the  children have been learning about the letter B-b.
They have learnt about letter formation and the sound it makes. We practised tracing and recognition of this letter.
The children have also been learning words that start with the letter B-b(butterfly, bug, ball, bee, boat, banana, boy, bear ).
We have also been singing rhymes ( Jolly phonics –letter B-b) .
Activities throughout the week:

1) Worksheet-  Colour and recognize things that start with the letter Bb
2) Butterfly   craft ( paint & press activity)
3)Tracing Letter ‘Bb’ (laminated sheets)
4) Making ‘BALLS” out of play dough
Physical Development
During this week , the children have been working on gross motor skills during their PE lesson. In class, the children are learning how to move their chairs in silence. They are being taught how to hold a chair correctly and place it silently on the ground. They are very excited about bringing their own chairs for circle time and putting them back to the table. We also reinforce that they must always push their chair back under the table , after standing up.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
The children have been learning about respect and safety when using public transport.

During our KUW lessons, we are  learning about transportation. Last week, pretended to be on an aerrplane, this week we have actually been on a bus . The children have been previously taught how important it is to be seated all throughout the bus ride. We have shown them the seat belts and that it is mandatory to use it for our own safety .
They have also learnt that we must say ‘excuse me’ when we want to pass by another passenger.
The children have  been on a day trip to KIDZEINY.
They have experienced different professions through play  ( doctor, shop assistant, supermarket customers and chefs). They have learnt how to wait patiently at the bank and how to make a bracelet. They have decorated a cake. They have watched a short movie in the ‘mini cinema’ and they had lunch . At the end, all the children danced and they watched a puppet show.
They have loved the experience and asked teachers to return to KIdzeiny.
Children have reviewed their knowledge about the number 10. They have practised counting 10 items.  They have practised number formation through hands on activities (play –dough mats for number 10 ) and also abstract ( tracing with markers or pencils).

Colour (grey).
Children have been revising all colours and have been mixing black and white in order to make grey. They have used it for a free painting activity.
Shape (Pentagon)
The new term has been revised . The children have been given a worksheet with 10 different  shapes ( in order to revise numbers 1-10 and also the shapes).

Expressive Art and Design
This week’s craft relates most of this week’s Literacy  ( B is for Butterfly) . The children have been squeezing their favourite colours onto paper, they folded the paper with assistance and pressed it in order to diffuse the colours and opened the papers back.
After drying out, the teachers  cut out butterfly shapes out of it and the children have glued them onto wooden popsicles.

Understanding of the World

This week, the children have learned about ‘ transportation’ .  We have focused on air transportation and the children have been watching videos connected to this week’s theme.
We have also created aclass the ‘HOT AIR BALLOON ‘ experiment  by placing a balloon on top of a bottle and putting the bottle inside a pot of hot water. The balloon started to expand and the children have been really happy to see how this can happen.
The story of the week has been Down by the Station ”.  The book is related to the theme of this month, ‘Transportation’.

New vocabulary : aeroplane, helicopter, hot air balloon, space craft.
Next Week's Curriculum
  • Letter  F-f
  • Number  11
  • Pyramid shape
  • Revision colours
KUW  :
Theme:  Transportation (  Water transportation)
Vocabulary:   boat, ship, canoe, yacht, water jet, submarine.
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