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Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 19 April 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:    FS1          Week Ending:  19 April 2018
Communication, Language and Literacy
The children have been learning about the letter F-f and the sound it makes. We practised tracing and recognition of this letter.
The children have also been learning words that start with the letter F-f  (fox, flower , fork , fan , feet , fish).

We have also been singing rhymes ( Jolly phonics –letter F-f) and reading stories.
The story of the week has been The Little Engine That Couldand we also learned the song "We All Go Travelling By"
The theme of the month is ‘Transportation ’.

1)       Tracing sheet letter "F-f" with multiple pictures.
2)      Feet craft for fire truck (covering letter F-f and transportation theme)
3)      Recognizing letter "F-f" .
Physical Development

1) Children have been using play-dough to develop their fine motor skills.

2) Children played the ‘Traffic Light Game to link between our theme and their awareness of action; recognition of certain colours or words  and also develop their physical activity in running .

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
1) Children role- played being in a bus with a bus driver and passengers .We focused in this activity on respect towards others in public places.
2) Children role played being in a car with friends or family members. We focused in this activity on being kind to one another and agreeing with each other (example: Where we are heading to with the car?)
3) For personal, social, emotional development, we  discussed with the children how  they act if they are hurt or if someone is bothering them. If in doubt, tell an adult!
Children have been introduced to the number 10. They have practised counting 10 objects (cars).They have practised number formation through hands-on activities (play –dough mats for number 10) and also through more abstract activities ( tracing with markers or pencils). The children can show number 10 using their fingers.
They have also been singing songs about numbers.

Colour (grey).
Shape (pentagon)
Children created a pentagon grey fish; covering the shape, colour ,number and letter of the week .

Expressive Art and Design
1)       The children painted a grey truck covering colour of  the week and theme

2)      The children created a 3D car .

Understanding of the World

This week, the children have learned about  " Land Transportation "
New vocabulary :traffic light , truck , bus , car ,fire fighter truck , police car
 The children have painted a traffic light and added coloured lights by gluing the correct colour .
Next week's curriculum
  • Letter  B-b
  • Number  10
  • Colour Grey
  • Pentagon shape
PSED :   Different Cultures .
KUW  :
Theme:  Transportation "Air and Sea transportation "
Vocabulary:   aeroplane , helicopter , boat , air balloon , yacht
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