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Weekly Learning Review - Week Ending: 22 March 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:    FS1          Week Ending:  10th March 2018
Communication, Language and Literacy
This week in FS1 the children have been revising letters : s, a , t , i , p , n , c , k , e , h ,r m, d , g, o , u , l   by :

1)       Recognizing letter
2)      Singing jolly phonics song for each letter
3)      Tracing the letter
4)      Colouring activities with words concerning each letter
5)      Matching words with letter flash cards
6)      Pronouncing the sound of each letter rather than the name of the letter

Physical Development
Working on developing their fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination by :

1)       Sorting out colours, matching shapes, colouring inside the lines and tracing on dots, puzzles
2)      Using Play dough to make letter and number shapes

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
The children learned about Mother’s Day. They talked about their feelings towards their mothers and explained what  mothers do for them and the children learned how to appreciate their mums.

Children have been revising numbers :
1)       Recognising numbers from 1-9
2)      Counting from 1-10
3)      Counting 10 objects
4)      Tracing number activities

Children have been revising colours : Purple , Pink , Blue , Black , Brown , Grey , Red ,      Orange , Green , Yellow              

Children have been revising shapes : Triangle , Square , Hexagon ,Circle , Oval , Heart , Star , Rectangle

The children did an art activity using the heart .
Expressive Art and Design
This week’s craft relates to the Mother’s Day event : Children have painted flower pots to give their mothers.

Understanding of the World

This week, the children have been learning about Spring . The class did a group activity of a large tree . The children coloured  flowers and leaves and stuck them on the tree.

Next Week's Curriculum
  • Letter  F-f
  • Number  9
  • Colour Orange
  • Hexagon shape
KUW  :
Theme:  Animals & Plants ( Insects)
Vocabulary:   flower, bee, lady bug, firefly, ant, fly, mosquito, grasshopper, etc.
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