Friday, 16 March 2018

Week ending 8th of March, Funny Fish Class Photos

Funny Fish Class

Music lesson 

Walking, walking

Maths - number practice ( count and recognize 1-9)

Ladder game ( to reinforce numbers 1-9)

Free play

Arabic lesson with Mrs Esraa

Painting flowers and butterflies with our hands and feet ( insde the reception)- by Mrs Dawn

Learning about the number 9 and wild animals ( count , match and colour 9 bears)

Collage about the wild animals

Sand play

Arabic lesson ( part 2)

Ladder game for Literacy ( learning words that start with the letter l)

Colour and recognize words that start with the letter l ( lion, ladder, leaf)

Garden time

Circle time ( the calendar - days of the week, months of the year, date , season, year)

Shape of the week ( hexagon)

Paste the hexagon / identify hexagon shaped objects

How to trace the letter l

PE Lesson ( following directions, team and individual activities)

Craft of the week ( Lion mask- colour orange painting) - using paper plates 


Learning about the wild animals

Certificates of the week!

Congratulations, Adam Amir! Star of the week for your co-operation, kindness, efforts and beautiful smile!

The lions !