Saturday, 3 March 2018

Week Ending 1st of March, Funny Fish Photos

Funny Fish Class

Big garden

Music lesson

Head, shoulders

Walking, walking 

Small, sunny garden 

Arabic lesson ( talking about animals)

Colouring an umbrella ( for the letter 'u')

Decorating a letter 'u' with glitter

Second Arabic lesson 

Collage 'Farm animals' ( the children have glued their favourite farm animal on a big card board and teachers have posted it in tje classroom)

Number 8 ( tracing and colouring)

Talking about farm animals and placing correctly the pieces inside the puzzle

Colouring 'u' for 'unocorn' and our mini 'u' words booklet

PE Lesson with FS1 B

Thursday's Assembly ( story about co-operation)

Yamen, you have progressed much this term and you are this week's star! Congratulations!

Other good behaviour and progress awards!
Well done, everyone!