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Weekly Learning Review

Week Ending:  15th February 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:    FS1          Week Ending:  15th February 2018
Communication, Language and Literacy
The children have been learning about the letter O-o and the sound it makes. We practiced tracing and recognition of this letter.
The children have also been learning words that start with the letter O-o ( Ocean, octopus, orange, owl,  ).
We have also been singing rhymes ( Jolly phonics –letter O-o) and reading stories.
The story of the week has been The Lady and the Tramp ”.
The theme of the month is ‘ Clothes’.

1) Colouring & tracing sheet ( o is for owl)
2)Orange craft ( paste and glue activity)
3)Tracing Letter ‘o’. (laminated sheets)
Physical Development
Working on developing their fine motor skills by gluing, pasting, puzzle making . Rolling and cutting play dough with scissors.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
The children have been learning about the ‘love’ feeling ( love towards their family, love towards their friends, school, etc ).
Children have learnt about the number 8. They have practiced couting 8 objects (beans/ beads ). They have practiced number formation through hands on activities (play –dough mats for number 8) and also abstract ( tracing with markers or pencils). They can show number 8 using their fingers.
They have also been singing songs about numbers.

Colour (pink).
Shape (Heart)
The children have been hand painting a heart shape .

Expressive Art and Design
The children made Valentine’s Day Card and presented it to their families.

The children have created an OCTOPUS craft ( 8 legs for number 8 and O for octopus) to combine their knowledge for this week.

Understanding of the World

This week the children have learned about LOVE .
New vocabulary :love, care, family, friends, school.
The children have joined their friends in other classes on the football pitch to form an ISE heart shape and to show unity and love.
Next Week's Curriculum
  • Letter  U-u
  • Number  8
  • Colour Pink
  • Heart shape
KUW  :
Theme:  Animals & Plants
Vocabulary:   umbrella, unicorn, up, under
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