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Weekly Learning Review : Week Ending: 1st of February 2018

Weekly Learning Review
Class:    FS1          Week Ending:  1st of February 2018
Communication, Language and Literacy
The children have been learning about the letter D-d and the sound it makes. We practiced tracing and recognition of this letter.
The children have also been learning words that start with the letter  D-d ( diamond, dog, dinosaur, duck, dolphin, drum, doll, dad ,donkey). They have been watching educational videos about the letter  D-d and they've been given story books to explore.
We have also been singing rhymes ( Jolly phonics –letter  D-d ) and reading stories.
The stories of the week have been “Donkey went to Town” and “The Ugly Duckling” . The theme of the month is ‘ Clothes’.

Physical Development
Working on developing fine motor skills (matching socks and folding clothes), hand- eye coordination activities, matching activities , puzzles.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
Teaching the morals of the stories of the week “Donkey went to Town” and “The Ugly Duckling” (kindness, everyone is unique, helping people).
Children have learned about 7 . They have been counting numbers 1-7; they can show number 7 using their fingers. They have been practicing tracing number seven and shaping play dough as the number 7.They have been counting different items till number 7.
They have also been singing songs about numbers.

Colour (purple).  Shape (diamond). We have revised colours and shapes. The children painted number 7 with purple paint.  Coloured number 7 sheet with 7 diamonds which covers the diamond shape and number 7 .

Expressive Art and Design
The children made a dinosaur craft for letter d .

Understanding of the World

This week we have been talking about the winter season and clothes that we wear during winter time. They have been shown pictures of winter clothing items.

Next Week's Curriculum
  • Letter Gg
  • The sound the letter Gg makes.
  • Letter formation for Gg
  • Number  7
  • Colour purple
  • Diamond shape
KUW  :
Theme: Clothes.
Vocabulary:   Shorts ,Swimsuit , Hat ,Sandals , Flip-Flops

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