Saturday, 10 February 2018

Week Ending 8 th of February- Funny Fish Class

Funny Fish

Circle time ( days of the week, months of the year/ introducing the new letter 'g')

Colour of the week: Purple
Painting purple 'grapes'

Working on letter'g' reconition and formation

Music class ( Good morning song/Hokey Pokey/ Row ,row)

Picking leaves from the garden for out future Maths project

Tracing number 7 and the letter 'g' in the sand treys

Painting activity for the Carnival event

Maths project: counting and gluing 7 leaves

Circle time: Revision 

Sand play & Basketball

Group photo with Mr Amir

PE Lesson

Working on our Minnie and Mikey masks

Carnival Day!

Parthinya, you have been amazing during class hours this week!

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