Saturday, 27 January 2018

Term 2, week ending 24th of January, Funny Fish Photos

Funny Fish 
Theme: Clothes 
Craft : Boots collage
Literacy: letter Mm
Maths : Number 6/ Star shape/ White colour

Introducing the letter Mm ( passing the mug)

Co-operation / Play/ Outdoors

Music lesson / M for Maracas- the kids loved it!

M is for Mouse colouring sheet / Story: 'The lion and the Mouse'

Tracing the letter M/ Free activities

Arabic lesson

Tracing the letter M/ Numbers puzzle

Craft of the week/ Clothes theme/ Mosaic boots

Tracing the letter M with markers / Numbers puzzle

Sand area 

Watching " The Lion and the Mouse' story

Tracing the letter 'm' and colouring the monkey


Learning about the words that start with the letter Mm

PE Lesson

Awards and Star of the week

Star of the week- Dalida! for improved behaviour in class and resilliance!