Friday, 10 November 2017

Weekly Learning Review 9th of November

Weekly Learning Review 

Photos Funny Fish Class  (FS1 A)

Music lesson

Class activities

Colour blue ( colouring a whale)

Literacy (  words that start with the letter C)

Free play & garden

Class activities ( tracing the letter C and colourng words that start with C)

Parthinya - Marvellous manners award!

Leila, congratulations! You are the star of the week for overall performace in class!

Hazem  has been very cooperative this week!

Adam and Toleen, you can now sing your ABC song! 

Arabic- learning about occupations

Class activities - learning about shapes, the letter C, words that start with 'c', C is for cat craft

Finding blue objects around the classroom

Class activities - learning about shapes, the letter C, words that start with 'c', C is for cat craft and numbers 1-4 

Yemen, you are kind to your friends and full of life :)

Sofia, you are an amazing little girl ! We appreciate your help in class 


Tameen, you have been amazing this week ! 

Class:    FS1          Week Ending:  9th of November
Communication, Language and Literacy
The children have been learning about the letter C-c and the sound it makes. We practised tracing and recognition of this letter.
The children have also been learning words that start with the letter C-c ( car, cow, cat). They have watched an educational video about the letter C-c and they have been given story books to explore.
We have also been singing rhymes and reading stories.

Physical Development
The children have been working on developing their fine motor skills (rolling play dough, using plastic scissors to cut the play dough); hand- eye coordination activities; matching activities  and puzzles.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
The educational excursion this week was the trip to Hands. The children were given small pieces of dough to make their own bread. Once it was baked, they fed the animals in the farm.
They could see goats, rabbits, chicken, geese, ducks, cats and a donkey. They were very excited to see and feed all these animals; it has been a real adventure for them.
They also did 3 crafts and they used different techniques (painting with sponges, painting with forks, rolling, drawing with chalk).
They were also able to run and play freely in the garden.

Children have been learning about the number 4 . They have been counting numbers 1-5. They can show the number 4 using their hand. The children have recognized  the number 4 among other numbers. They have been practising tracing number four and shaping play dough as the number 4.
They have also been singing songs about numbers.

Colour (blue).We have focused on the colour blue and recognizing blue objects in the environment.
Children have had lots of fun colouring objects that are blue.

Shape (rectangle). The children have been introduced to the rectangle shape and they can now identify rectangle shaped objects around them in the classroom. They can differentiate a rectangle from other shapes. The children have also been trying to make rectangles using markers and white boards.

Expressive Art and Design
The children have decorated a letter Ccraft (cat) by gluing glittery foam stripes onto paper.
Understanding of the World

This week, we have been talking about the Autumn season and weather changes. We have also reviewed farm animals through songs , stories or flashcards.
Next week's curriculum
  • Letter Kk
  • The sound the letter Kk makes.
  • Number  4
  • Colour blue
  • Rectangle shape
KUW  :
Where do we come from? Where we live ( Story stetting)
Wednesday, 15th of November: Colour Blue Day
Thursday, 16th of November:  NO school for FS1 and FS2 children- Early Years Foundation Stage Training Day
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