Thursday, 12 October 2017

Weekly Learning Review Week Ending: 12th of October

Weekly Learning Review
Class:    FS1          Week Ending:  12th of October
Communication, Language and Literacy
The children have been learning about the letter P-p
We learnt the sound and practiced the formation of the letter P. We also identified some words that start with the letter P.
Children have also had fun singing and learning the jolly phonics  song for the letter “P”
“Puff out the candle on the pink pig cake
Puff puff puff.”

Physical Development
We have been focusing on proper finger grip and the children holding their pencil or crayons correctly when tracing or writing .we encouraged fine motor skills by getting the children to colour within the lines and following the lines or dots during their colouring/tracing activities

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
We have learned about different Emotions such as hungry, thirsty, sleepy, sad, happy, exited, bored, worried, angry and scared  . They have enjoyed singing new songs about feelings and Emotions.

The children continued learning about the number 2. They have been counting different objects around the classroom .They can also recognize number 2 among other numbers. They have been practising to write number two in the sand.
Colour (Red)  .We have been learning about mixing colours using both colours red and yellow to create orange colour that we used later to paint pumpkins.
Shape (Square) The children have had fun making a square shaped craft that helped develop their motor skills.

Expressive Art and Design
The children enjoyed themselves painting a pumpkin  and creating a number two mosaic.
Understanding of the World

This week,  we learnt about our Feelings and Emotions. We practised different expressions we make if we are sad ,happy ,angry ,hungry ,sleepy and many more .
The children have been learning new letters and enjoyed learning new songs during the Arabic classes.
Next week's curriculum
  • Letter i
  • The sound the letter i makes.
  • Number  3
  • Colour green
  • Triangle shape
KUW  :My Toys
PSED - Team work
Cl - how do we take care of our toys . Physical development- imitate movements musically to express emotions

EVENTS (Thursday 19th of October ) pijama party

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