Friday, 20 October 2017

Weekly Learning Review -19 October

Weekly Learning Review
Class:    FS1          Week Ending:  19 October
Communication, Language and Literacy
The children have been learning about the letter I-I and the sound it makes. We practised tracing and learned to recognise this letter.
The children have also been learning words that start with the letter I-i ‘(ice-cream, ice, insect, igloo, etc).
The children  have been watching educational videos about the letter I-i’ and they have  been given story books to explore.
We have also been singing rhymes and reading stories.

Physical Development
We are still working on our routines and we still emphasize healthy diet and healthy habits throughout the day (washing hands, walking safely inside the school, holding the rail , walking in a line, etc)
During the PE lesson, the children have been split into 2 teams and have been practising the 'Spoon Race'.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development
The children have been introduced to the notion of 'sharing' and we have played different games that can teach them this concept (e.g. 'Pass the ice-cream game').
The children have also been invited to bring a toy to school and share with their friends .
The event of this week was the Pyjama Party. The children watched a cartoon movie;  they ate popcorn; danced and had their faces painted. An amazing day for the children!.

Children have been learning about the number 3 . They have been counting numbers 1-5 ; showing number 3 using their hands. They can also recognize number 3 among other numbers. They have been practising tracing number three and shaping play dough to look like the number 3.
They have also been singing songs about numbers.

Colour (Green).We have focused on the colour green and recognized green objects around the environment.
Children have had lots of fun painting and colouring and they have also been exploring different other colours.

Shape (Triangle . The children have been introduced to the triangle shape and they can now identify triangle shaped objects around them in the classroom. They can differentiate a triangle from other shapes. The children have also been trying to make triangles using markers and white boards.

Expressive Art and Design
The children have enjoyed themselves painting a green tree by using sponges. They have used glitter to decorate different creative artwork.
Understanding of the World

The children have been learning about' Toys'. What are their names?’, How do we handle toys?’,  They have been given the chance to bring their own favourite toy to school and talk about it in front of their friends during a 'Show-and-Tell" session.
Next week's curriculum
  • Letter Nn
  • The sound the letter Nn makes.
  • Number  3
  • Colour green
  • Triangle shape
KUW  :
My family/ Healthy Habits
Sports Day ( Sunday, October 22nd )- 9:00-10:30  
Halloween Party (Thursday, October 26th)
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This week's Stars are Hoda and Sofia ! Well done lovely girls

Farida, congratulations for having good manners!

Always cooperative ! Thank you, Yehia!

The assembly

Lamar, always friendly and calm!

Painting activity using green glittery paint

Learning how to trace the number 3

PE lesson - "Spoon race"

Learning about the letter 'Ii'

Adam Amir, a kind & loving child !

Maths' game ( revision no.1-3)

'Pass the ice -cream" learning how to share game

Adam Moataz, we are proud that you've been very helpful this week!