Saturday, 23 September 2017

First Weeks Of School

Dear Parents,
What an exciting first two weeks of school!
We are ready for our third week of school! Our first two weeks were very busy and fun. We have a very energetic and enthusiastic group of students in Foundation Stage this year!
In our first week of school, we took a picture of our classrooms that was posted on the school's website please check if you haven't already done so . Children enjoyed Painting ,play dough activities  we learnt about our body parts  and about our school .They all did great!!
Second week we  learned new letter,number,colour ,shape and new words.
In literacy we learnt about the letter S and the the sound of the letter S  "Phonetic sound" we also learnt new words that starts with the letter S.
In Maths we learnt about the number 1 , the colour yellow and the circle shape .
In knowledge of the world we learnt about our selves and our body and senses.
Please go over this links with them so they can be familiar with our curriculum .

Next week in Literacy we will be learning about the letter Tt and the sound that the letter Tt makes , we will learn new words that starts with the letter Tt and we will trace the letter Tt .
In Maths we will continue learning about the number 1, circle shape and yellow colour.
In Knowledge and Understanding of the World ( KUW) we'll exlore the 5 senses

Here you can follow the  Jollyphonics video about the letter T

Song about the 5 senses :

Classroom Rules: Our classroom rules are:
1. Listen when others are talking
2. Follow directions
3. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself
4. Share and Care
5. Show respect towards friends ,teacher and for school and personal property
6. Work and play in a safe manner
Please review these rules with your child. These are the basic rules they will need to follow in our class and school.

NAME ON BELONGINGS: Please remember to LABEL the belongings of your child. If your child loses an item, you can search for it in the lost and found area in Mr Adel's office or simply write to the teacher in the communication book that was handed to each student on the first day of school .
HEALTHY FOOD I encourage you to send a healthy snack / meal for your child to enjoy at school .
Please kindly note chocolate and sweets are not allowed in school and will be taken from child and handed back to him at the end of the school day .
BIRTHDAYS .. If you would like to celebrate your child's birthday at school please  Kindly call the school and ask to speak to the teacher to inform her preferably two days before the event .
BLOG every week we will post on this blog what we have learnt in a week and what we will be learning for the next week along with amazing pictures of your child . please check the blog regularly
we are grateful to have your children in our classrooms and feel so Blessed!
Thank you for your continued support

FS1 Team
Mrs Cristiana T
Mrs Rebecca F


Funny Fish Classroom ( week 1) 

Funny Fish Classroom ( week 2)
Learning about body parts


Music Class ( Mr Amir)

Free play/ Sand area

Arabic Lesson ( Ms Esraa)

Literacy , Maths worksheets

 Whiteboard practice 

Karma - Happy 3rd Birthday!!!!